Feet and Miles Tour 2018

Talking Rocks Tours, Miles and Feet Tour, April 15-22, 2018.

Note: This tour features several long hikes. The longest hikes–Buckskin Gulch and Grand Canyon–will allow for shorter options.





Snow Canyon Showers

Fly to Las Vegas. Try to arrive by 1p.

Get a shuttle to St. George.

Afternoon. explore Snow Canyon. Lava caves, fossil sand dunes.

Evening: Lecture- Geology 101 and local geology.

It is possible we may arrange a car pool in a rental car. Let me know your air travel plans as soon as possible. Do not make a shuttle reservation yet.


Bryce Canyon

No showers

Morning. Hike to Snow Canyon petroglyphs (5 miles). Led by Gerry Bryant. Drive to cinder cones. Geology: Erosion, lava flows, topographic inversion, lag deposits, desert varnish, diagenic color changes.

Afternoon: Contact between the Kayenta and Navajo formations. Instruction by Gerry Bryant. Drive to Bryce Canyon.

No showers at Bryce.


Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP


Dawn on the rim. After breakfast, intro to local geology by Gerry Bryant. Midday: Hike 8 miles.

Afternoon. Drive to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. (CP)

Bryce is most spectacular at dawn.

The rocks at Bryce are Cenozoic—the youngest bedrock we’ll encounter on our trip.


Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP


Dawn at the dunes. Instruction by Gerry Bryant.

Midday: Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Trackway. Instruction by Gerry Bryant.

Local exploring of dunes and creek beds.

Go to bed early for a very early start on Thursday.


Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP


Buckskin Gulch hike (20 miles).

Best web site for info: http://climb-utah.com/Escalante/buckskin.htm

There will be a shorter option of five or six miles in and out of the upper part of the Gulch.


Grand Canyon


Rim to rim (if the road to the North Rim trail head is open. Two people (including me) will not do the rim-to-rim. Instead, we will shuttle the cars to the south rim. The rim-to-rim is an option, not a requirement. Venture at your own risk.

North Kaibab Trail (elevation change 8,241 ft – 14.3 miles – mostly a descent) to Bright Angel Trail (mostly an ascent – 9.6 miles – elevation change 6,860 ft) for a total of 23.9 miles. Plan B: Hike to Plateau Point for sundown.


Grand Canyon


Hike to Plateau Pt. 11 miles, 3000 ft.

Plan B: Hermit Trail. Animal tracks in the Coconino Sandstone


Drive to Las Vegas

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