Truth Tellers, Truth Seekers

I’ve taken a couple of geology classes in college–an intro course at Suffolk Community College and non-silicate mineralogy at University of Akron. I’ve read books about geology. I’ve spent a few weeks hanging out with a geologist who was doing field work. I have found things in the field that were relevant to current investigations. I thought I kind of “got” geology. Then I decided to read more seriously.

This past fall I read a Sedimentology and Stratigraphy text. Now, I’m working my way through a Structural Geology text. Even though these are still fairly basic textbooks, one fact leaps out at me: the science of geology includes oceans of data. These textbooks are densely packed with information, with data. Of course, there are interpretations. There are theories. But page after page impresses me with the amount of hard, concrete information that has been gathered by people studying the rocks. This information is the foundation of geology. Amateurs who imagine that reading a few creationist articles or books qualifies them to make pompous statements about the validity of the science of geology are fooling themselves.

Of course, there are lots of debatable points in geology. The reason we are aware of these elements of geologic theory that are problematic is because geologist publish articles about them.

I am committed to deepening my comprehensive knowledge of geology. I hope to be able to ask a few hard questions. But the more I learn, the more respect I have for the scientists who spend their lives exploring, probing, interrogating the earth. They are pursuing truth. I will join them.

Talking Rocks Geology Tours 2017

Talking Rocks Northwest 2017, Late Summer or Early Fall

I’m looking to put together a road trip in late summer or early fall. If you think you might be interested, let me know. I might do just three days instead of a full week like we do in the spring.

Talking Rocks Southwest (Wild Tour). May 28- June 4, 2017

Seven days of intense, pleasurable engagement with the rocks in the neighborhood of Zion National Park under the tutelage of Gerry Bryant, Ph.D. . Dinosaur tracks. Modern, living sand dunes. Ancient fossil dunes. Research sites. Magnificent vistas. Sleep in tents or under the stars. Share meals in camp and conversation around campfires. $600 includes everything–food, lodging, entrance fees, professional guide, local transportation.

Talking Rocks Southwest (Mystic Tour). Date still in flux.

Five days of leisurely engagement with the desert in the neighborhood of Death Valley or Grand Canyon–depending on weather. Hiking. Photography. Geology. Morning meditation. Shared meals in camp and conversation under the stars. Sleep in tents or under the sky. $300 (tentative) includes everything–food, lodging, entrance fees, local transportation.

Talking Rocks Northwest. Dates still open. Sometime in  July or August, 2017

Five days of intense engagement with the rocks in Oregon under the tutelage of a geology professor from the University of Oregon. Crater Lake. Lava. Volcanoes. Ice age lakes. Basin and range geology. John Day Fossil Beds. Miles of sweeping, magnificent vistas. Shared meals in camp and conversation around the campfire. Sleep under the stars. Price (still to be determined) includes everything–food, lodging, entrance fees, local transportation, professional guide.

For more info contact John McLarty, 253-350-1211