Talking Rock Tours 2018

Feet and Miles Tour, April 15-22. This tour maximizes the hiking. In Bryce, we’ll do 8 miles. In Buckskin, we’ll cover 21 miles. At Grand Canyon, we do a ten and a twenty mile hike. The formal geology instruction will be concentrated in the first couple of days.

Itinerary. Snow Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Trackway, Buckskin Gulch, Grand Canyon.

Geology and Campfires Tour. April 29-May 6. Same campgrounds as the above tour. But the hiking will be limited to five or six miles/day max. A more leisurely pace overall. Better food.  More time for interaction with our geology professor, Gerry Bryant.

God, Rocks, and Souls Tour. Five days in Death Valley. Wednesday evening through Sunday morning, May 9-13. Darwin Falls. Eureka Dunes. Badwater. Canyon treks. Geology. God. Desert/Nature Spirituality.

For information or reservations: or 253-350-1211.


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