I have written three books. The book which has received the most attention has been published twice, once by Adventist Today with the title, Fifth Generation, then a few years later by the Review and Herald Publishing Association with the clumsy title: The Faith I Highly Recommend, Adventist Spirituality for Thinkers and Seekers. This book is a comprehensive statement of liberal Adventist thought and practice.  One older reader described it as a post-modern defense of conservative Adventism. I like to think of it as a collection of pictures of helpful theology and spiritual practice. It is available through Amazon.

My latest “book” is really a short story: Damn My Son. It explores the wrenching dilemma of a pastor whose son has died. The pastor now confronts the question: will he be true to the gospel he has preached for forty years–that there is salvation only through a conscious, explicit faith in Christ–or will he hope for the salvation of his son? This book is available in an electronic format from Amazon. It costs one dollar.